TEACHER’S DIARY ( Pedagogical Planner)

Pedagogical plans are VISION to ACTION plans. For the teachers, a

Pedagogical Plan means converting his/her vision of the teaching-learning

process in his/ her classroom to action. • Pedagogical Plans imbibe all thinking,

preparation and steps of execution involved in making each stage of

curriculum transaction (setting learning objectives, preparing lesson plans,

transaction, assessment, identifying outcomes of learning of each student

through assessment) meaningful and comprehensible for students.

These plans are the systematic plans prepared by a teacher for fruitfully

engaging students in the classroom

CBSE made it compulsory for the schools to prepare Pedagoical planner.

We provide Pedagogical planner which helps teachers to prepare it in professional way.

  • Year Plan
  • Weekly Lesson Plan with innovative pedagogy
  • Feedback & Remediation plan
  • Competencies to be focused
  • Experiential Learning Activities
  • Art integration Plan
  • Result Analysis
  • Rate Rs 320/-