The APP is a forward looking strategic plan that is built on the identified needs and gaps of the school. Its broad and overarching structure provides ample flexibility to schools to cater to their respective socio-economic and cultural contexts.  The APP details the process-based improvements that need to be undertaken by schools for ensuring student learning.

It is the task of principal  to combine all annual pedagogical plans of all teachers of all grades and subjects of the school into an Annual Pedagogical Plan of the school.

We provide  APP record to help  the school principals to develop Annual

Pedagogical plan for school. Main steps for developing APP are give below.

  • Where are now we as a school ?
  • What do we need to do in the coming year?
  • How will we achieve what we want to do? And who is responsible?
  • What is the timeline for implementation?
  • What will the impact look like?
  • One book for one school
  • Rate : 200 per copy